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Trump's last days in office

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Greetings Quicktake readers! This week, Trump enters the endgame of his presidency with clemency on his mind. Plus, how safe are the Covid vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna? Stream now for free.

Trump's final 50 days

We never doubted that President Donald Trump would make the most of his executive powers during his remaining weeks in office. And for him, it's personal. He may be contemplating sweeping pardons for his campaign lawyer Rudy Giuliani, his three eldest children—and even for himself. He can still issue executive orders, too, likely around environmental and immigration regulations. But holding onto claims of election fraud appears to be his last stand, Bloomberg Opinion's Tim O'Brien told Quicktake anchor Scarlet Fu on Take the Lead. Why? He loathes being seen as a loser; he's worried about the legal and financial challenges he'll face post-White House; and perhaps most strikingly, it means big bucks.

"Calling the election fraudulent is actually a money-making opportunity for Trump."

His unsuccessful efforts at overturning the election results have already helped him raise $170 million, likely setting him up for his next gig. One option on the table: Running again in 2024.Andrew Mach

What to watch if're an origami nut. The advent of foldable screens was a crowning achievement for personal tech, but it took decades of hits and misses to get there. Bloomberg's Nate Lanxon joins Take Charge.'s time to get the band back together. The star of Japan's Super Nintendo World, opening in February, is Mario Kart IRL alongside Princess Peach, Luigi and more. Bloomberg's Kurumi Mori gets a sneak peek on Take Geo. need a break from the news. Kaavan, aka the "world's loneliest elephant," was moved from a Pakistan zoo to a Cambodia sanctuary, thanks in part to an animal-rights group led by Cher. Watch Take the Lead.

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One question, answered

Is the Covid-19 vaccine safe? Shots from Pfizer and Moderna have been developed at breakneck speed with broad approval in view—but not without risks. Bloomberg's Sam Fazeli joins Take Charge.

We want to know

New climate warriors. TikTok stars and YouTube gamers are leading a social media crusade of Gen Zers and millennials who say it's not too late to fix the planet. Bloomberg's Laura Millan Lombrana joins Take a Break.

Tell us: Has the pandemic's environmental impact made you more or less optimistic about our climate's future? Fill out this survey.

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