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ETimes LifeStyle Newsletter - Today's Highlights:"My COVID symptom was pain in lower body"

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Today's Highlights
"My COVID symptom was pain in lower body"
Soheli Purohit experienced several COVID symptoms before finally going for a test after having an ac...
Weight loss story: "Ate bread, eggs for breakfast"
A medical surgery gave 36-year-old Sujay Malik the much-needed wake-up...
Weight Loss
Pooja Bedi on positivity, life and relationships
Breaking down the ever-confusing, complicated dynamics of any relation...
Love & Sex
Quick and easy fixes for bad skin days
Every person experiences those days where your skin feels a little off...
Can COVID isolation period be shorter than 14 days?
The Centre of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), USA, as part of its latest measure against COVID...
Quotes from Obama's 'A Promised Land'
Here are some choice quotes from the book to give an idea of Obama's ...
Five ways to reuse your mom's sari
Does your mother have a wardrobe full of old saris that she just does ...
Style Guide
'I am an army wife and it gets lonely sometimes'
Being the wife of an army man takes courage. It is not just about havi...
Love & Sex

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