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ETimes LifeStyle Newsletter - Today's Highlights:The not-so-secret illicit affairs of the royal family

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Today's Highlights
The not-so-secret illicit affairs of the royal family
A royal wedding is a sensation. However, a royal scandal is surely what makes the headlines. Besides...
COVID story: "I tested negative, then positive"
Allahabad-based Tanuja Tripathi tested positive with her two children....
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Karisma vs Sonam : Who wore the sari better?
Saris are having a moment in Bollywood! Be it a festive occasion, wedd...
Celeb Style
Can COVID enter your brain through the nose?
Coronavirus's impact on the brain, which is core to our functioning ca...
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Ways bosses make you work for longer hours
The word of the boss at any workplace is mostly the ultimatum every employee has to abide by. Whethe...
When should you worry about high BP?
The condition may be symptomless but is quite harmful, especially for ...
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Is black lipstick the new red this season?
Ready to channel your inner Goth with it?
Sunsigns who make possessive partners
When you're in a romantic relationship with someone, a little possessi...
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