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ETimes LifeStyle Newsletter - Today's Highlights:Can you get false positives in a COVID-19 test?

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Today's Highlights
Can you get false positives in a COVID-19 test?
Of late, there have been reports of people receiving wrong results, and be wrongly diagnosed with a ...
How to wear a sari in winter like a Bollywood diva!
Sari is a beautiful Indian drape-like outfit that has been around for ...
Celeb Style
Natural ways to nourish your dry scalp
If you've dealt with dry scalp, you'd probably know how itchy and unco...
Zodiac signs who are spendthrifts
Money indeed gives you happiness. The amount of things you can buy wit...
Love & Sex
What is false pregnancy?
Missed period, sore breast, nausea without vomiting all are associated with the early signs of pregn...
How much weight can you gain in a day?
Binge eating once certainly does not lead to weight gain. But may lead...
Weight Loss
Tips to make your food extra crispy
There are certain deep-frying tricks which can make or break the recip...
Food News
Panic attack versus Heart attack
Excessive stress and anxiety are major causes of a panic attack, which...

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