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Climate change will flood affordable housing

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Underwater: Americans already facing a shortage of affordable housing options may soon find it even more difficult to access low-income homes due to rising sea levels. New research suggests that the number of units exposed to frequent flooding will triple by 2050 from 2000 rates. By mid-century, the nation will lose more than 24,500 units because of repeated flooding. While some cities might see less than a 10% loss of their affordable housing stock, others could lose the vast majority of their homes.

The consequences extend beyond the years researchers looked at. "It's so hard to replenish housing stock once it's lost, often due to NIMBYism and racism," a housing advocate tells Patrick Sisson. To prevent the worst-case scenario, some cities have launched programs to make affordable homes more climate resilient, but more help is needed. Today on CityLab: In Many Cities, Climate Change Will Flood Affordable Housing

-Linda Poon

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