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Christmas is coming


Hygge is huge. Athleisure is doing better than ever. Comfort food is all the rage. And Christmas tree prices started to spike—in November.

Of all the things we have learned about ourselves during this year of disruption, one stands out: A pandemic is no time to be adventurous.

So, in honor of this most un-chill year—and the fact a return to normalcy is on the top of everyone's wish list—here's a holiday gift guide that highlights 88 of the most over-the-top ways to maximize their cozy zones.

For a spa day at home.

Photographs by Justin J. Wee for Bloomberg Businessweek

Gifts to Keep Your Children Entertained (and Off Your Back) for Hours

Keeping your children busy has become an around-the-clock pursuit. Here are the best ways to help, wrapped up in a bow.

Ideas for Smart Financial Gifts to Give This Holiday Season

From fractional shares to screenwriting classes, here are a few options to brighten the futures of your family and friends this season.

39 Green Gifts for a Climate-Friendly Holiday Season

The Good, Better, Best guide to Black Friday and beyond.

It's Not Marketing. These 18 Products Are Truly Limited Editions
Companies often use the illusion of scarcity to make products appear more exclusive than they are. But not these.
Beer By Mail: The Hot Gift For Drinking Buddies Under Quarantine

A breakdown of the best options in the U.S., U.K., and Australia.

There's a 'Thread for That

Winter is challenging enough in an ordinary year. In the year of Covid, it is the Northern Hemisphere's darkest season in more ways than one.

But don't despair; prepare.

Borrowing from Nordic philosophies, cold-weather aficionados and urban planners, our friends at Bloomberg CityLab present the ideas and information you need to make the most of your cold-weather circumstance. 

It's time to learn a new Norwegian word: friluftsliv—the art of embracing the outdoors, regardless of the weather. 

Photographer: gmast3r/iStockphoto

And if you like this Storythread—quick explainers of important stories in the news—there are plenty more to follow, from the ever-changing advice of how to ski during a pandemic to investing in art to the smartest ways to get cash quick. (Hint: it's probably not Bitcoin.)

Or maybe you want to see how human behavior has changed this past year and glimpse the future of travel and cruises.  If you've been entertaining at home but want to venture out, what's happening in the world of restaurants changes by the day. 

As for the reopening of New York? Tracking that is a full-time job.

Luckily for each of these 'threads, you can sign up to receive curated alerts directly to your inbox whenever there's a development.

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Photographer: Joe Scarnici/Getty Images North America


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