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Where's all the Lysol?

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Where's all the Lysol?

When the pandemic hit the U.S. in earnest in March, one of the first things a lot of Americans did was what they do in almost every natural disaster: They went shopping. Toilet paper, bread flour, hand sanitizer – all of it was gone from store shelves within days, and a lot of it hasn't reappeared since.

That also includes Lysol spray and wipes, the virus-killing disinfectants that have turned into one of the Covid-19 outbreak's hardest-to-find products.

Lysol's parent company gave Bloomberg Businessweek an inside look at the company's efforts to meet the stratospheric demand around the globe. They've shipped train tanker cars full of ethanol to New Jersey and flown 747s of chemicals from the U.K. to more than triple production, and it's still not enough.

A full pallet of finished Lysol cans waiting to get loaded into a truck for delivery at the factory in New Jersey.

Photographer: Chris Maggio for Bloomberg Businessweek

The company gave Bloomberg access into every part of the manufacturing and supply process for one of the quintessential pandemic products, a spray that is being made in record-breaking volume but that's still not enough for the American public. It's also a look at how the pandemic has jumbled the thin, efficient supply chains of the globalized economy.

Follow along from China to New Jersey and give it a read here --Drew Armstrong

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