What if Trump never concedes?

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What if Trump never concedes?

President-elect Joe Biden is pressing on with his White House transition even as President Donald Trump refuses to concede the election. A slew of lawsuits led by his campaign has found zero evidence of voter fraud, and a little-known government agency has blocked Biden from classified intelligence briefings and federal funding to smooth the transfer of power.

"It's hard to overstate how dangerous this is for the most fundamental part of our democracy."

Meanwhile, Biden leads Trump in the popular vote by 5 million. "There's no path for Trump to win," Bloomberg's Anna Edgerton told Quicktake anchor, Tim Stenovec on Take Charge. "The GOP end game seems more about generating confusion rather actually than fighting for a second term."
Andrew Mach

Are you still watching?

  • Trump's legal blitz isn't contesting enough votes to win. The numbers just aren't there—at least not yet.
  • Why Trump fears leaving the White House. Without the protection of the presidency, he faces financial and legal danger.

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