To entertain, or not to entertain


It's a week to Thanksgiving. India and its diaspora just celebrated Diwali. The holiday season is upon us, and one thing is clear: the high season for bringing people together at the table is entering unknown territory.

Can lighting Hanukkah candles over Zoom still bring joy? Can that Christmas spread for six pare down to a dinner for one? 

Clearly, 2020 holiday parties will look nothing like they used to. This doesn't mean they won't happen. Humans—being humans—will find a way to celebrate safely during the prolonged pandemic, not despite it, but because of it.

Here's some help.

Bespoke place settings make for a festive dinner even if it's just you.

Photographer: Ted + Chelsea Cavanaugh

How to Have a Covid-Safe Holiday Season
Tips for being festive during this pandemic.
Brazilian Bubbly Is a Big Bargain, Too
If you didn't know that the land of steak and samba also makes excellent sparkling wines, it's high time to find out.
Take a Hint: Chefs Are Adapting Their Menus for Chilly Outdoor Dining
As temperatures drops, think cast iron pans and bubbling braises.
Outdoor Entertaining Gear to Warm You Up
Inside isn't where it's at this season.
Great British Bake Off Star Creates a Genius Make-Ahead Holiday Breakfast
Nadiya Hussain's trifle is energizing and delightful—and easy.

Social Distance in a Supercar

You could take a road trip, yes, but that's about the journey, not the adrenaline. For letting off steam, zooming around a track remains one of the few socially distanced things drivers can do to blow off steam. And for that, there's a new supercar for you: Ferrari, Bugatti, Porsche, and, of course, Lamborghini.

The 2021 Huracán EVO RWD represents the Goldilocks of Huracáns. It's a great option for the buyer who wants to drive in comfort to a racetrack, challenge friends to a personal best lap time, then drive home—still at ease—in the same car. 

The 2021 Lamborghini Huracán EVO RWD, reviewed.

Photographer: DREW PHILLIPS

The model's V10, 602-horsepower engine combined with rear-wheel-drive makes for a thrill-inducing rocket of a ride. Prices start at $208,571, or drop another $20K and the EVO RWD Spyder can do it all the same, but topless.

Time Keeps on Ticking

Chopard and Wempe Offer a Truly Limited Co-Branded Watch
The Best Watch of the Year Is Also the Thinnest
Sylvester Stallone's Watch Auction Has Serious Hollywood Pedigree
Patek Philippe Makes Noise With a New Product Category
Steve McQueen's Monaco vs. Paul Newman's Rolex in Double-Header Auction
Watches Under $10,000 That'll Have You Looking Like a Million Bucks

Cheese, please!

Photographer: Ted + Chelsea Cavanaugh

Festive Food & Drink From the Pursuits Archive

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