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Imagining a Second Life for Midtown Manhattan's Empty Offices

As workers stay home and office buildings sit vacant, some see a new role for New York City's business district — as a site for affordable housing. 

How to Spot Misleading Election Maps

Election results often produce confusing cartography. Here's how leading cartographers and data journalists approach the challenge of making (and reading) political graphics.   

What Is It Exactly That Makes Big Cities Vote Democratic?
Not all urban areas are bastions of blue. Population, density and education all play a role.
The World's Worst Public Transport System Attempts to Modernize

Incomplete roads in Karachi — the biggest city in Pakistan and the third-largest in the world — show what happens when a megacity becomes a political orphan.

In the U.S., City Rents Are Falling, and Suburban Rents Are Climbing

New research from Apartment List shows how Covid-19 has transformed the rental housing market in U.S. metro areas. 


Transit, Police Reform and Drug Policy See Some Big Ballot Wins

Here are some of the most noteworthy ballot measures affecting U.S. cities.

Here Are the Local Ballot Measures That Passed and Failed

County and state referenda this election year included spending and policy questions on drugs, abortion, taxes and transportation.

Pittsburgh's Suburbs Try to De-Karen the 2020 Election

Trump's presidency sparked a movement to fight racism in southwest Pennsylvania. The white women leading these groups are still learning how it's done.


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