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How Trump's $1 Trillion Infrastructure Pledge Added Up

The "builder president" launched several "Infrastructure Weeks." But when federal dollars never arrived, states and cities rallied to make progress where they could.

NYC Pilot Tries Mental Health Responders in Place of Police

The city joins Los Angeles, San Francisco and Denver in testing out new law enforcement alternatives. 

Trump's Defeat Didn't Stop His 'Ban' on Modern Architecture

The president never signed a controversial "Making Federal Buildings Beautiful Again" executive order. But a neoclassical-only building mandate is still happening. 

Rising Star Mayor Who Championed Guaranteed Income Loses Hometown Race

Michael Tubbs pushed an ambitious agenda for Stockton, California. Four years later, a blog campaign against him fanned criticism of his national profile. 

Why Europe Is Slowing Down

Health, safety and environmental concerns — plus the pandemic — appear to be hastening the movement to drop speed limits in the E.U. and U.K.

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How Suburbs Swung the 2020 Election

The urban-rural divide is becoming the urban-suburban divide.

Can a Stalled Train to Las Vegas Speed Housing Construction in California?

An investment group failed to sell $2.4 billion in bonds to finance the Brightline West high-speed rail project. Housing advocates hope those funds can help ease the state's home shortage. 


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