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How the Police Helped Get Biden Elected

Demonstrations against police violence seem to have mobilized Democrat voter turnout, rather than hurt it as some feared.

Barcelona Will Supersize its Car-Free 'Superblocks'

The Catalan capital's celebrated pedestrian-first zones are expanding to cover most of the city center, Mayor Ada Colau announced. 

At the City Level, Progressives Flex New Power

The "blue wave" didn't materialize at the national level. But in America's cities, younger Democratic leaders and progressive policy ideas scored several big wins. 

Nevada, What Took So Long?

Amid pandemic and a divisive presidential race, Americans watched and waited as returns slowly trickled in. Here's what we can learn from the great ballot count of 2020.

Here Are the Local Ballot Measures That Passed and Failed

County and state referenda this election year included spending and policy questions on drugs, abortion, taxes and transportation.


How Cities Can Help Biden Repair American Diplomacy

The president-elect can build on the alliances and networks forged by cities and mayors over the last four years to restore U.S. relationships globally.

Why Trump's Suburban Strategy Failed

Did Black and brown cities deliver Democrats the election? Yes — and so did Black and brown suburbs.


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