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The Pandemic Kick-Started an Urban Motorcycle Boom. Are Cities Ready?

Two-wheeled vehicles surged during lockdown on streets around the world. So have worries about noise, air pollution and safety. 

Cities Gird for Election Day Unrest

Chicago, Philadelphia and New York are among those that have announced plans aimed at protecting voters. 

Police Response Slowed. The Community Stepped In.

In Minneapolis this summer, 911 response times increased as officers left the force. Instead of asking for more police, some residents reimagined public safety for themselves.

Landlords Challenge U.S. Eviction Ban and Continue to Oust Renters

A lawsuit backed by the National Apartment Association and other challenges aim to undo the national eviction moratorium ordered by the CDC.

How the Pandemic Changed the Urban Soundscape

A map of recordings from around the world during lockdowns reveals what cities sound like without noise pollution.


The Maps That Prove the Daylight Saving Cycle Is Ruining Our Lives
Cold, dark winter afternoons are horrible.
Candy or Covid? Some Places Are Canceling Halloween

Some cities are already warning trick-or-treating could turn Halloween into a super spreader event, but communities are reluctant to cancel. 


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