This holiday season isn’t going to be easy

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With a surge in Covid-19 cases straining hospitals and prompting fresh restrictions across the country, it might be tough for Americans to muster up much gratitude this Thanksgiving. But the cancellation of large family gatherings might come at a good time, as the results of the presidential election have further polarized Americans (if that's possible). As many of us prepare for a far more intimate Thanksgiving than we envisioned, perhaps we can use the time between family Zoom calls to reflect on what we need to do to get through the holidays — and the cold, dark months afterward — as a smarter, healthier nation.

CDC's Call to Cancel Thanksgiving Came Just in Time — Faye Flam

How to Navigate the Most Difficult Thanksgiving — Sarah Green Carmichael, Faye Flam, Justin Fox and Max Nisen

Markets Can't Avoid the Reality of a Dark Winter — John Authers

If the Holidays Make Anyone Happy This Year, It's Grocers — Andrea Felsted and Sarah Halzack

A Hard Winter Looms for Rural America — Adam Minter

Lame-Duck White House Must Help Control Covid Surge — Bloomberg's editorial board

A Thanksgiving Toast to American Democracy — Jonathan Bernstein

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