The last days of Infrastructure Week

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Track problem: Many a hyped-up Infrastructure Week has come and gone since 2016 when Donald Trump campaigned on a $1 trillion infrastructure package to upgrade the nation's transportation, electricity and water systems. They've amounted to little progress, becoming instead a running joke in Washington, D.C. Between inaction in Congress and the U.S. Department of Transportation withholding vital funds, infrastructure in the Trump era is a story of under-delivery.

That inaction, though, has produced a counter-effect, with local leaders rallying to take a greater role in policy and investment areas where the federal administration has declined to lead. Even so, Laura Bliss reports, there's a limit to local authority, and even mold-breaking plans like Austin's newly voter-approved $7.1 billion rail project in Texas still hinge on federal buy-in. Today on CityLab: How Trump's $1 Trillion Infrastructure Pledge Added Up

-Linda Poon

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What to watch

The four-day Bloomberg New Economy Forum kicked off today with business and political leaders taking on issues from the economic fallout of the coronavirus pandemic to the future of global trade and climate change. On Tuesday the discussion will turn to cities, with guests like Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms and Harvard University economics professor Edward Glaeser talking about digital cities, the "post-pandemic reboot" and more. Tune in here in the morning for live updates.

What we're reading

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