The case for optimism

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Are you starving for some good news? Of course you are. While the world might feel pretty dark right now — between Covid-19's frightening surge around the world, a defeated president thumbing his nose at democracy, and terrifying economic uncertainty — there is some room for optimism. Great news on the search for a vaccine has given hope to health-care professionals and governments alike. President-elect Joe Biden is, so far, serving up the boring competence he promised. And if we play our cards right, economic stability could be within reach far sooner than we thought possible. It's no time to let our guard down or stop investing in masks, but maybe we can let a little hope in.

The Latest Covid Wave May Peak Before Biden's Inauguration — Justin Fox

France Offers Another Glimmer of Hope on Covid — Lionel Laurent

One Million Air Travelers Is a Good Sign for the Economy — Conor Sen

Biden Is Stepping Into a Dream Economic Scenario — Tim Duy

Your Genes Affect How Your Body Handles Covid-19 — Faye Flam

Biden's Big Climate Opportunity — Michael R. Bloomberg

Pfizer Vaccine Data Offers Real Pandemic Optimism — Max Nisen

U.S. Trade Policy Is Ready for Its Biden Makeover — Noah Smith

The Middle East May Surprise Biden. He's Ready — Zev Chafets

DHL, FedEx and UPS Are Ready to Save the World — Chris Bryant

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