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Progressives score election wins in U.S. cities

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Blue shift: While the "blue wave" that many Democrats hoped to see didn't exactly materialize, the 2020 U.S. election results do show that a "dramatic progressive turn" is taking place at the city level, says University of Virginia law professor Richard Schragger. Ballot measures around public transit investment and criminal justice reform scored big wins, as did younger Democratic candidates like former nurse and Ferguson activist Cori Bush — who became the first African-American woman elected to represent Missouri in the House of Representatives. 

As the political gap between urban and rural America widens, cities in red or battleground states may be facing bigger challenges, like in Texas, where preemption of local powers will continue with a Republican-dominated state legislature. Meanwhile, younger people fired up by the summer's reckoning over police violence are impatient for government action on issues like racial justice and affordable housing. "There's a demand for deep reform," one progressive organizer tells Patrick Sisson. Today on CityLab: At the City Level, Progressives Flex New Power

-Linda Poon

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