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Outdoor dining looks a lot like indoor dining

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The imperfect setup: Tents, geodesic domes and greenhouses have been popping up alongside streets and sidewalks as restaurants in more northern cities try to stay afloat by offering outdoor dining this winter. But keeping diners comfortable amid frigid temperatures and blistering winds while also allowing enough ventilation to prevent virus transmission between guests is a delicate balance, and many countries, including the U.S., have yet to offer any coherent guidelines. 

That's left business owners to come up with their own solutions, and as one design expert told Kriston Capps and Sarah Holder, they're "all over the map." Experts in fluid mechanics say enclosures need to allow fresh air to enter and exit the dining space. Yet in some cases, restaurants have invested in fully enclosed structures with only one opening. There also is no easy way of ensuring that diners are seated with only members of their household. So at what point does outdoor dining become no different from eating inside? Today on CityLab: The Indoorification of Outdoor Dining

-Linda Poon

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