Is the pandemic's end now in sight?

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Greetings, Quicktake readers! This week, we're discussing the vaccine frontrunners as the U.S. marks a grim pandemic milestone. Then: the key to diversifying top jobs. Stream now.

Vaccine hope amid lethal surge

Experimental Covid-19 vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna may be nearing the finish line after new data showed they were 95% and 94.5% effective, a dose of optimism as virus cases soar in the U.S. and around the world. Pfizer plans to seek emergency authorization from the FDA within days. "For the last nine months, we've been absolutely ground down by wearing masks and staying indoors," Dr. Gabor Kelen of Johns Hopkins University told Quicktake anchor Tim Stenovec on Take Charge.

"Now there's hope—there's real light at the end of the tunnel."

But not before Thanksgiving. The CDC urged Americans not to travel and state and local officials are ratcheting up restrictions as virus deaths surpass 250,000 heading into winter.Andrew Mach

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...your credit score needs work. Biden's administration is poised to set up a federally backed credit bureau that'll factor rent and utility payments into your overall score. Bloomberg's Madison Mills joins Take the Lead.

…you prefer martinis stirred, not shaken. The Connaught in London, the new world's best bar, is closed for now, but you can still see how its signature cocktail is made. Bloomberg's Richard Vines joins Take Geo.

...T. Swift's Scooter Braun beef has you hooked. Despite her scorn over the $300-million sale of her back catalog, the music may prove a rare pandemic-proof investment. Bloomberg's Alex Webb joins Take Charge.

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One question, answered

Can we ever trust the polls again? Pollsters promised 2020 would be different, but predictions missed the mark by bigger margins than in 2016. Bloomberg's Adam Taylor explains how to get the industry back on track.

We want to know

Evolving workforce. New data shows women are 20% more likely to apply for senior roles (and 33% more likely to be hired) if they offer flexible hours and are advertised using gender-neutral language. Bloomberg's Lucy Meakin joins Take Charge.

Tell us: Have strict job requirements kept you from pursuing career advancement? Watch the video, then comment below.

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