IDFA Daily #1: Nyrabia talks “rethink”; Forum, DocLab previews; opening film interview, trailer

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Latest news


"2020 lets us re-think the core of what we do," says IDFA's Orwa Nyrabia


How is the documentary sector coping with the chaos that is 2020?


IDFA's online industry Forum aims to be more accessible than ever to international decision makers


Why executives from Snap, Google and HP are tuning into this year's IDFA DocLab Forum


IDFA opening filmmaker Arami Ullón: "Paraguay doesn't react to any sort of art"


'Nothing But The Sun': first trailer for Arami Ullón's IDFA opener (exclusive)


IDFA project 'Stay Home' aims to show a children's view of the pandemic

Key reviews


'Nemesis': Visions du Réel Review


'Welcome To Chechnya': Sundance Review


'Downstream To Kinshasa': DOK Leipzig Review (Cannes Label)


'The Mole Agent': Sundance Review


'David Byrne's American Utopia': Toronto Review


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