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Fighting fire with fire in California’s forests

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Fight fire with fire: Since September, California's Creek Fire has burned through much of the Sierra National Forest, sparing only a few rare spots. One is the recreational area on the edge of Shaver Lake, where flames have charred the bases of trees but left most of them intact and alive. That's been possible thanks to years of strategic tree-thinning and controlled burning by forward-thinking foresters, and while it's not the solution for all forests, the strategy provides a glimpse into the future of forest management.

It's spearheaded by the Dinkey Landscape Restoration Project, an unlikely collaboration among environmentalists, researchers and timber harvesters who were brought together in the 2000s to restore and steward 154,000 acres of overgrown Sierra land. For CityLab, Laura Bliss reports on how these former adversaries in a once-bitter battle over America's trees came together and "learned how to see the forest in a different way: not just as something to save or harvest, but as a vast, dynamic stage for growth, death and rebirth," Bliss writes: A Lesson in Learning to Live With Fire, and Each Other

-Linda Poon

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