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Today's Highlights
COVID: "Signs remain despite testing negative"
Soon after Jitendra Singh celebrated his 36th birthday, he got to know he tested COVID positive. Tho...
Workouts you must NOT do in poor air quality
Unfortunately, in winters it becomes difficult to step outside the hou...
Paulo Coelho's book inspired by own practice
'The Archer' by Paulo Coelho, which released this week, drew some insp...
Ibrahim's look reminds us of dad Saif
He's all of 19, but making more news than his 25-year-old actor siblin...
Things you need to know about Botox
The debate on getting Botox or cosmetic injectables vs natural beauty will forever go on. Either sid...
Eggs for weight loss: Mistakes to avoid
Highly versatile, easy-to-cook, filling and packed with nutrients, all...
6 ways to wear a leather skirt this winter
Wearing a leather skirt can create a fashion statement and instantly a...
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Can COVID-19 immunity last beyond 6 months?
Recent researches have evaluated that contrary to evidence, immunity a...
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