ETimes LifeStyle Newsletter - Today's Highlights:Kangana and Sonam wore the same sari: Who wore it better?

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Today's Highlights
Kangana and Sonam wore the same sari: Who wore it better?
They are both fashionistas, and it's not surprising to see them dressed alike often. Bollywood actre...
5 myths about COVID vaccines
While scientists and medical professionals are working hard to develop...
Health News
Soft skills that ensure you succeed in life
Anyone can learn to be great at hard skills like achieving numbers and...
Most common COVID-19 signs in kids
Even though there have been lesser reported instances of COVID-19 impa...
Health News
How you resolve a conflict with your child
No matter how unbreakable and sacred the bond between a parent and a child may be, disagreements and...
6 choli-lehenga combinations of Mouni!
The Bengali beauty, Mouni Roy never fails to impress us with her style...
Celeb Style
3-step at-home facial for healthy skin
Here's how to do a three-step quick facial at home during the festive ...
Why it is tough to lose belly fat after 40?
No matter which exercises you try or whatever diet you follow, the stu...
Weight Loss

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