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Today's Highlights
How to tell if your headache is triggered by COVID-19
According to a study, amongst all the other common and classic symptoms of COVID-19, headaches may a...
Tamannaah's amethyst sequin sari is gorgeous!
Her beauty leaves fans speechless and she still continues to slay, one...
Celeb Style
How to fall asleep in 10, 60 or 120 seconds
Do you take more time to fall asleep? The act of trying too hard to sl...
Kangana showed a new way to wear sari
She is the queen of Bollywood and also the favourite of the country's ...
Words that came from literature
Interestingly, though we use many words quite frequently, we aren’t aware that many of them have roo...
A negative test may not mean you're safe
As much of a reassurance a negative COVID-19 test can be, experts beli...
Health News
6 ways to get a naturally-glowing skin
Every woman wishes to have a glowing skin that too a naturally-glowing...
Your parenting strengths, as per sunsign
As a parent, you will have some good days and then there will be times...

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