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Today's Highlights
How COVID symptoms go from bad to worse?
While we're all aware of the risks that the deadly coronavirus poses to our lives, it is also import...
5 times stars made a case for striped saris
Whether you are heading for a wedding or celebrating a festival with y...
Celeb Style
How to make children love reading
There is no better gift that you could give to your child than a book....
Is it safe to exercise in poor air quality?
The fresh air and sunlight lifts your mood, increases mobility, improv...
Zodiac signs who are most social
All of us know there are some star signs who are shy and introvert while others love grabbing all th...
These sunsigns take parenting seriously
Every parent is different in their approach to parenting. But, every p...
Foods that can fight toxic effects of pollution
Depleting air quality levels cause a host of health problems from resp...
Web stories
COVID: Why day 5, day 10 are most important
More and more people are thronging hospitals with severe symptoms, pne...
Health News

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