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Today's Highlights
Employees share the worst Diwali gifts
The number of offices gifting their employees some horrible Diwali gifts isn’t new. While employees ...
All about exchanging jewellery
Buying jewellery has been part of our culture since all of us can reme...
Do this every afternoon to shed more kilos
Several small factors which we often overlook on a day-to-day basis in...
Weight Loss
Literature’s obsession with good vs. evil
The recurring theme of good vs. evil raises the important question of ...
Make a mirror rangoli this Diwali 2020!
Mirror decorations can make anything look celebratory. Try to play with them on your rangoli this ti...
Gym machines that burn the most calories
Accept it or not, we all look out for easy ways to shed extra kilos. I...
Weight Loss
COVID story: "I had unbearable body pain"
April S. O'Malley was taking all precautions but when a contact tested...
Health News
Kangana stuns in a multi-hued lehenga
Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut may have often stirred up things than...

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