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Today's Highlights
These zodiac signs argue and fight the most
It gets really frustrating to talk to some of the people who don’t seem to be rational enough. They ...
Weight loss story: How this guy lost 50 kilos!
Achieving a healthy lifestyle is easier said than done. 23-year-old Ri...
Weight Loss
5 warning signs of dehydration in toddlers
Food and fluid intake helps to manage the water level in the body.
Toddler year and beyond
Aditi's colour-blocked kurta is too pretty
Colour-block trend has been ruling the fashion scene for years now. Th...
Celeb Style
5 healthy foods that don't help in weight loss
The internet is full of weight loss plans and each one of them claims to make you shed those extra k...
Forgiveness the secret to a successful marriage?
All couples fight, cry, sometimes break up and come back together yet ...
Love & Sex
Tina Dutta's midnight blue lehenga is stunning
The actress, who has over 2 million followers on Instagram loves to sh...
Celeb Style
This is why you need to stretch!
There are two types of people, one who never stretch and the others wh...

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