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ETimes LifeStyle Newsletter - Today's Highlights:What makes COVID-19 so different from H1N1 flu?

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Today's Highlights
What makes COVID-19 so different from H1N1 flu?
For eons, pandemics have terrorized human lives and disrupted the normal functioning of societies. E...
Belly fat vs thigh fat: What's more dangerous?
When it comes to fats, we often wish we could distribute it to places ...
Weight Loss
Story behind Kajal's wedding lehenga
Telugu actress Kajal Aggarwal tied the knot with beau Gautam Kitchlu i...
How each sunsign handles pregnancy
Becoming pregnant is one of the most beautiful moments in a woman’s li...
Getting Pregnant
Zodiac signs that are the most artistic
Art is beautiful and calm. It is the fine expression of someone’s feelings and thoughts that gets co...
COVID is physically, emotionally draining
What started out as a mild fever turned out to be symptoms of coronavi...
Health News
Tips to achieve crease-free eyeshadow
Eyeshadow can really be your best friend. You can totally rely on it t...
5 common stair exercises for weight loss
You do not need any fancy equipment for it, simple bodyweight exercis...

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