Election hangover


Election day in the U.S. may have come and gone, but with results still pending, the long campaign continues. But if you're like us and eager to celebrate—or at least deal with the stress—here's some help.

Win or Lose, Here's What to Drink As Election Day Drags On
We asked 16 bartenders and wine experts to share how they'll toast the end of a long campaign.
The Sweet Hangover Helper You Need Right Now

Piloncillo brings a thick, molasses-style kick to just about any liquid beverage—especially this cinnamon-spiked coffee.

Presidential Politics and Wine Can Make for an Awkward Pairing

Wine and the White House is a comprehensive look at the role the popping of corks has played in American diplomacy.

You're Stressing Out About the Election All Wrong
A sleep specialist, psychotherapist, mindfulness expert, and dietician share better ways to worry. 

From the pages of Businessweek

We can't stay inside all winter, can we?

This year's holiday season—a time traditionally reserved for entertaining while standing a little too close to the punch bowl and one another—will be like none we've ever known. 

So in the name of responsible good cheer and dipping mercury levels, consumers have been bingeing on sturdy tents, warming furniture, and heat lamps. Here are some of the best.

A Modfire gas fire pit, a pair of Chup socks, and an Elder Statesman blanket.

Photographer: Hannah Whitaker for Bloomberg Businessweek

Outdoor Living

Of the Many Ways to Make a Hot Toddy, Here Are Three Great Ones
It's Time to Reinvest in the Warm Embrace of a Winter Blanket
S'more Ways to Make S'mores Better in Practice Than in Theory
Playing Cards That'll Transform Your Next Game of Poker—or Solitaire
DemerBox Speakers Are Five Pounds of Sound You Can Take Anywhere

From the Pursuits Archives

And if you read just one thing ...

After the Blast, Beirut Fights to Save Its Architectural Heritage
The port explosion decimated neighborhoods filled with historic buildings. Now activists are struggling to keep developers at bay. 

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