Big travel goals


The holidays are coming—and with them, potentially more Covid-19 lockdowns. But that doesn't mean we can't keep dreaming.

A few thriving corners of the travel industry offer hope of a rebound and the possibility of traveling safely, even during this uncertain period. They're also good reminders that despite hotels and restaurants remaining problem areas, the travel industry means big business. And that means big goals.  

If 2020 has taught us anything so far, it might be nigh time to shoot for the stars.

Bermuda is one of the safest bets for travel right now.

Photographer: Nhuri Bashir

Travel Companies That Are Thriving Amid the Pandemic

The industry is generally struggling to see the light at the end of the tunnel. But these six businesses offer hope. 

So, You Want to Ski During Covid-19? What You Need to Know
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For High-Flying Billionaires, Embraer Has a Jet to Match Your Porsche

The $11 million duo are linked by the tiniest of design details.

Virgin Galactic Sees New Ticket Sales After Branson's Space Trip
The first flight will be a milestone beginning of the company's space tourism trips.

Closer to Home, a Focus on Collecting

If you're in the business of catering to the wealthy, the pandemic isn't all bad, especially when it comes to high-end real estate and high-end collectibles. Rich people are still rich, and they're still spending serious amounts of money on things that bring them joy—and perhaps, a return on investment later.

The phenomenon has occurred in categories as disparate as jewelry and classic cars and now rare books

Some woodcuts in the Nuremberg Chronicle are attributed to Albrecht Duerer. The book will be auctioned Dec. 10. 

Source: Bonhams

Collectible tomes estimated $100,000 and higher are doing gangbusters at auction, especially books relating to science and math. A first edition of  Charles Darwin's On the Origin of Species sold for $169,000 dollars—more than 30% over its high estimate.

A New Sale Will Test the Auction Market for Works by Black Artists
Patek Philippe Makes Noise With a New Product Category
An Heirloom Flask Is More Relevant Than Ever
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Critical Consensus From the Pursuits Archives

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