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Biden is going to need some help with his agenda

Bloomberg Opinion Today

With President-elect Joe Biden's transition finally in the works, signs of the next administration's direction are becoming clear — and questions of policy are arising. How can Biden reform the IRS? Reverse his predecessor on climate change? Rebuild his country's reputation in the world? Bloomberg Opinion's writers have more than a few ideas to help him out after inauguration.

Joe Biden Has Problems. The World Has Solutions.John Micklethwait and Adrian Wooldridge

Biden Can Quickly Improve U.S. Health CareArielle Kane

Yellen Has the Policy Chops and Political SavvyDaniel Moss

Biden's Homeland Security Pick Is No Border SoftieNoah Smith

Senate Gridlock Can't Stop America's Clean Energy RevolutionCarl Pope

Where Biden Can Find $1 TrillionNatasha Sarin

Biden Must Build Diplomacy Back BetterBloomberg's editorial board

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