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Inside the New Coronavirus Relief Bill: a Total Eviction Moratorium

The $2.2 trillion stimulus package passed by House Democrats includes a complete ban on eviction and foreclosure filings for 12 months.

Japan's Bullet Trains Are Hitting a Speed Bump

Covid-related ridership drops and long-term population trends are raising hard questions about the future of the Shinkansen network of high-speed trains. 

Mapping the Disparities That Bred an Unequal Pandemic

Draw a map of Chicago and shade the areas with more poverty, pollution and coronavirus. It will start to look like being Black is a pre-existing condition.

Prague's Communist-Era Apartments Get a Second Life

Outside the picturesque city center, Prague's concrete panelák apartments solved a need for fast, modern housing in the Communist era. They're still thriving today.

What a Second Bauhaus Movement Means for Europe

The European Union's Green Deal would set off a wave of building renovations — and a chance to find a new common architecture aesthetic.


Cities That Were Poised to Absorb Climate Migrants Face a New Challenge

As hurricanes and wildfires accelerate climate migration, U.S. cities that were dubbed "climate havens" face drastic financial shortfalls after Covid-19.

How Voter Intimidation Could Get Uglier

A court order that restricted poll watchers for decades shows how their tactics once intimidated voters, and why this year could be much worse.


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