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We're officially in the final quarter of what seems like a very, very long year. Hopefully those celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival are having fun with friends and family, and some nice weather. 

This week started with revelations about how little President Trump pays in taxes, and wound up with tens of thousands of jobs wiped out across the global economy. Even Communist Party-run China is seeing a K-shaped recovery. At least the world's most indebted developer came back from the brink

So we look at what crisis fighters are doing to revive growth, see how New Zealand may take a turn to the left, and check out the fight against the coronavirus. We meet the K-Pop king who just became a billionaire and can now afford Dom Perignon's 2010 vintage Champagne, along with some of the auto industry's blingiest offerings this year. 

But we end up back on earth with a slice of humble pie and advice on how to improve that simplest of meals, the burger. —Adrian Kennedy


Fighting Back Against the Virus

Covid-19 has now killed more than one million people, according to official tallies. Experts say the real toll may be almost twice that, as the virus has outraced our ability to track and test. But the tide is turning in much of the Asia-Pacific region, with just a trickle of new cases in Australia and Thailand welcoming foreign visitors back. Researchers have also identified how super-spreaders drove India's outbreak


A New Brand of Superhero

If you think it's odd the Bank of England is lending to a soccer team like Tottenham Hotspur, you're not alone. Central bankers from Wellington to Washington have pumped close to $9 trillion into the economy during the pandemic, on top of $11 trillion in fiscal support. While most experts wonder when it will all end, the IMF's Kristalina Georgieva says the Covid-19 crisis is our chance to fix capitalism


The Fall and Rise of Evergrande

This week saw loyalty pay off for believers in Hui Ka Yan, the billionaire behind the world's most indebted developer. Just days ago, there were fears of a cash crunch for China Evergrande that would have wreaked havoc on the country's $50 trillion financial system. But a deal with investors bought it time and sent the company's stock and bonds soaring


K-Pop the Champagne!

One of the planet's newest billionaires can thank South Korean boy band BTS, who blew up the planet with Dynamite. Big Hit Entertainment founder Bang Si-hyuk  AKA the "Hitman"  this week completed an IPO valuing his firm at a cool $4 billion. The seven twenty-something members of his funky troupe will each get an $8 million windfall


Path to Prosperity

The Covid-19 crisis has left millions of people feeling insecure over their personal finances, bringing to the fore questions around where to live, how to work, what to study and how to prepare for the future. That's just one of the reasons why we're introducing Bloomberg Wealth, to help navigate your path to prosperity. To get started, meet the modern experts throwing out the old rules for managing money and learn how Robinhood and its rivals are changing markets.


Taking a Left Turn

New Zealand leader Jacinda Ardern may be a progressive superstar, but her Labour-led government has had a conservative brake on policy in the form of partner New Zealand First. That may change after October's election, where her strong handling of the pandemic could pay off in big gains for Labour and its Green allies, taking the country left.


Wheels of Fortune

Even Rolls-Royce is taking a "post-opulence" stance with its 2021 Ghost, writes Bloomberg's Hannah Ellliott, who also reviews Christopher Rünge's hand-made, one-of-a-kind sports cars. And check out our photo essay on the Beijing Auto Show, including the Hongqqi S9, a hybrid, supercharged V8 with a top speed of 400 kilometers per hour.


Feeling Alive With Burgers and Pies

Ina Garten's latest book Modern Comfort Food sounds like just the thing for 2020. Try her smashed burgers topped with caramelized onions and Gruyere, though you'll need a stopwatch. And London chef Calum Franklin's The Pie Room, named for the shop adjoining his Holborn Dining Room, has a spicy take on the traditional cottage pie.


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