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Today's Highlights
What’s a better time to have a cheat meal?
It is natural to have cravings for your favourite pizza or dessert, but what if we told you that som...
Kajal Aggarwal stuns in first picture as a bride
Here's the first glimpse of Kajal Aggarwal as a bride.
Best advice from couples for a happy marriage
Best advice from couples for a happy marriage
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Make-up tips to get your Halloween look right
Halloween is here and if you plan to head to a home party or just want...
Introvert parents guide to raise extrovert kids
Parents only want what’s best for their children. They always strive towards making a healthy and sa...
Some real book titles that will make you laugh
The Diagram Prize for the Oddest Book Title of the Year is one of the ...
Ranveer Singh wore a pearl necklace to airport
No surprises for guessing that Ranveer flaunted yet another look that ...
Eat Jaggery and black gram to boost immunity
Foods that we eat every day are naturally dense in nutrients and posse...
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