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Today's Highlights
Most COVID cases spread by 'super spreaders'
While constant steps are being taken to control the pandemic, new studies have revealed that a big s...
You can't miss this desi blanket inspired bag
A leading French fashion house has turned our good old desi blankets i...
Intermittent fasting can lead to muscle loss
Intermittent fasting has gained immense popularity over the past few y...
SRK got a new hairstyle during the lockdown
The actor was spotted at the stands along with his wife and son when K...
The stigma around loss of pregnancy!
Sadly, no one ever talks about how horrifically traumatizing it can be for the mother and even the d...
Booker Prize 2020 delayed, here's why!
To avoid two major literary events happening on the same day, the Book...
DIY hair care mistakes ruining your hair
But before you even begin using your own exilir, you need to read a li...
A look into Nora Fatehi’s hatke ethnic wardrobe
Bollywood's hottest dancer, Nora Fatehi is known for her superb dancin...
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