Election 2020: Battleground states, fact checking, & more

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Tracking the Battleground States
With the 2020 presidential campaign in full swing, Bloomberg News is assessing the state of the race in a series of stories that examines the battleground states that will determine whether Donald Trump or Joe Biden wins the election.
Latest Election Stories:
Trump Fails to Win a Sympathy Bump as Biden's Poll Lead Widens
Voters appear to be unmoved by President Donald Trump's bout with Covid-19.
White House Increases Fiscal-Stimulus Offer to $1.8 Trillion
The top White House economic adviser, Larry Kudlow, said that Trump had approved a revised economic stimulus offer.
Policy-Oriented Vice Presidential Debate Muddles Some Key Facts
Vice President Mike Pence and Senator Kamala Harris engaged in more substantive policy debate than their running mates.
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