CityLab Daily: How iconic home designs define global cities

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A worthy diversion from the news: There are many ways to understand a city, from its layout to the cultures and traditions of its residents. You can also take a close look at the architectural design of the local housing.

Josh Kramer/Bloomberg

Josh Kramer/Bloomberg

In CityLab's latest series, Feargus O'Sullivan and other contributing writers take us on a tour exploring the layout of iconic homes of around the world. The stories behind facades and floor plans of homes often reveal the history of a city as a whole, and help explain why residents there live the way they do now. Hanoi's history of capitalism and communism is nestled in its traditional shophouses, for example, and Icelanders have been able to withstand frigid winters thanks in part to Reykjavik's sheet-metal homes. In Amsterdam, extremely steep staircases reflect the city's long history as a merchant port, and in Singapore, the clearest monuments to the government's paternalistic ethos are the spacious units in publicly built housing projects that are inhabited by all but the very wealthiest residents. Today on CityLab: The Iconic Home Designs That Define Our Global Cities.

-Linda Poon

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