CityLab Daily: Berlin can't make up its mind about bikes

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Whose street? Biking has seen a boom worldwide during the pandemic, with cities making cycling more accessible and adding more infrastructure to encourage it. For the most part, it's been welcomed by residents and politicians alike as a solution to overcrowding public transit during a public health crisis. 

In Berlin, however, new bike lanes have become a flashpoint in the government's efforts to reshape its transport system. After the city added 14 temporary bike lanes, eight were removed when a far-right politician launched a legal case against them. Meanwhile for cycling advocates, the pop-up lanes don't go far enough, writes Aggi Cantrill. The battle speaks to the tension surrounding Berlin's larger effort to overhaul its car-heavy culture, and the challenges of catering to the needs of different groups. Today on CityLab: Pop-Up Bike Lanes and the Fight Over Berlin's Streets

-Linda Poon

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