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The U.K.'s drug regulator has started accelerated reviews of Covid-19 vaccines under development from Pfizer and AstraZeneca, as Britain gets ready to approve the first successful shot as quickly as possible. In the U.S., fourteen states spanning the Rocky Mountain West to Pennsylvania recorded all-time highs in cases this week, the most of the pandemic. President Donald Trump claimed with no evidence that U.S. doctors are lying about the number of Americans who've died from Covid-19, saying they inflate the figure because they are paid more money for deaths attributed to the virus. Some 230,000 Americans have died from the pathogen, lately at a rate of more than 1,000 per day. Here is the latest on the pandemic. —David E. Rovella

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Senior officials on Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden's campaign are increasingly worried about insufficient Black and Latino voter turnout in key states like Florida and Pennsylvania with only four days until the election. Trump his holding 14 rallies in three days despite the threat posed to his supporters by the coronavirus. Here is the latest on the campaign.

The velocity of money is an attempt to estimate the average number of times a dollar changes hands. The gauge has crashed to record lows during the pandemic as the savings rate surged. This is what it means.

U.S. stocks dropped on Friday, capping their biggest weekly rout since March, after earnings from the largest tech companies disappointed investors concerned that a slowing economy will shrink profit.

Trump has been good news for American billionaires. During his four years in the White House, they've gotten a lot richer. One trillion dollars richer.

Ships carrying cargo around the world are waiting for days to pass through the Panama Canal because of congestion at a key chokepoint.

A boat is passing through the Panama Canal 

Photographer: Nicolo Filippo Rosso/Bloomberg

Singapore stocks took a beating this week, overtaking Thailand to become Asia's worst equity market of 2020.

Where should you put your savings? Farnoosh Torabi writes in Bloomberg Opinion that, In a low-interest market, there are still a few strategies that could yield better profit without much risk.  

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How Safe Is Flying in the Age of Coronavirus?

This remains a troubling question. The hopes of airlines for a rebound in travel after a spring collapse have run up against a global resurgence of the coronavirus. Would-be passengers continue to worry about being stuck in a cabin for an extended time with possibly infectious strangers. The evidence shows the risks aren't negligible.

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