2020 is (literally) a garbage year for cities

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Heavy duty: When millions of American consumers stopped generating trash in restaurants and offices this summer, it all went to their curbs. The amount of household garbage surged in several major cities, leaving sanitation workers scrambling to keep up as colleagues fell sick to the coronavirus and as budget shortages threaten layoffs. Many private and municipal trash collectors say they were not given the protective equipment needed to do their jobs safely — or extra wages.

Now with garbage continuing to pile up as the pandemic drags on, frustrated workers are walking off their jobs and rallying for better protection. Their strikes mirror those of the past decades, which crippled major cities like New York and Memphis, Tennessee, and left piles of waste strewn along streets. As Sarah Holder and Gerald Porter Jr. write, the last thing leaders want to do right now is further jeopardize the public health of their cities by messing with trash collection. Today on CityLab: Trash Is Piling Up. Sanitation Workers Are Feeling the Strain.

-Linda Poon

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