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Candy or Covid? Some Places Are Canceling Halloween

Some cities are already warning trick-or-treating could turn Halloween into a super spreader event, but communities are reluctant to cancel. 

A Neighborhood's Race Affects Home Values More Now Than in 1980

Decades after housing reform, race has become an even greater determinant of home appraisals in Black and Latina neighborhoods, new research finds.

Africa's Diamond Capital Invests in a Futuristic Innovation Hub

The Icon Building, a $60-million anchor for a Silicon Valley-style technology incubator in Botswana, reflects the nation's mineral wealth — and its need to think beyond it. 

What We Actually Know About How Americans Are Moving During Covid

Despite talk of an urban exodus, fewer people moved during the height of the pandemic. But in a few cities, the story is a little different.

How Reykjavik's Sheet-Metal Homes Beat the Icelandic Winter

The ironclad homes of Iceland's capital city may be unorthodox, but the innovative buildings have kept residents warm and dry for more than century.


'We Have Not Defunded Anything': Big Cities Boost Police Budgets

After months of demonstrations, the "defund the police" rallying cry hasn't translated into reality in many cities.

Berlin Now Has a City-Run Recycling Department Store

The secondhand shop is a new spin on the city's efforts to make re-use and repair a way of life. 


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