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Let's Not Go Back to 'Normal'

A rush to return to pre-pandemic life means giving up chances to make necessary improvements to how cities work.

L.A.'s New Streetlight Arrives at a Dark Moment

After a nine-month design competition, Los Angeles reveals its streetlight of the future — a colorful, modular lamp that promises to "touch every part of the city."  

A Modernist Architect's Home Is Threatened by Modern Developers

Architect Vann Molyvann is known as the man who built Cambodia. Now his own home could become yet another generic skyscraper.

With Rule Changes, Trump Launches 'an Attack on Fair Housing From All Sides'

The new HUD rules undermine anti-discrimination principles that have stood for more than 50 years, civil rights advocates say. 

History and Gentrification Clash in a Gilded Age Resort

After a real estate project met opposition from affluent and low-income residents alike, Newport, Rhode Island, imposed a moratorium on new development.


The Price of Saving Paradise

In 2018, Paradise, California, was almost completely destroyed by the worst wildfire in state history. Now local leaders are proposing an ambitious scheme to protect the town from future blazes.

What 'Livability' Looks Like for Black Women

Livability indexes can obscure the experiences of non-white people. CityLab analyzed the outcomes just for black women, for a different kind of ranking.


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