Police shooting of a Black bicyclist sparks outrage

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Cycling while Black: Protest erupted in South Central Los Angeles after sheriff's deputies shot and killed a Black man who had been riding a bicycle. Officials said Dijon Kizzee tried to run away on foot after deputies stopped him for violating an unspecified vehicle code while on his bike. When they spotted a handgun in the bundle of clothes he dropped while fleeing, they opened fire and, according to Kizzee's family attorney Ben Crump, shot him more than 20 times in the back.

Many voices echo California Congresswoman Karen Bass's incredulity: "What bike violation is so severe that they needed to shoot him as many times as they did?" Officials have not shared further details, but Kizzee's death follows the pattern of many Black Americans killed after being stopped for low-level traffic violations. Racial equity advocates have long said that 

racism is built into street and transportation planning. They say that a lack of attention to race in initiatives like Vision Zero can fuel police violence and heighten dangers for people of color — despite having the goal of making streets safer for everyone. Today on CityLab: A Bike Violation Brings on a Police Shooting of a Black Man

-Linda Poon

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