Kurosawa interview; AGC launches Lang Lang biopic; 'True Mothers', 'Eight Hundred' reviews

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Kiyoshi Kurosawa on why he hopes 'Wife Of A Spy' will create some controversy at home in Japan


'True Mothers': San Sebastian Review


AGC Studios to fully finance, Ron Howard to direct Lang Lang biopic


China box office: 'Mulan' drops 72% while 'The Eight Hundred' prevails


Picture Tree acquires San Sebastian competition title 'Wu Hai' (exclusive)


'The Wailing' director Na Hong-jin to produce Thai film from 'Pee Mak' director


'The Eight Hundred': Review


Israel, Abu Dhabi funds and Sam Spiegel film school sign cooperation agreement


Sinagpore's ATF moves online due to Covid travel restrictions


Haifa Film Festival moves online as Israel enters three-week lockdown



'DNA': San Sebastian Review

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