Is Halloween canceled?

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A grave dilemma: What's scarier: the potential spread of Covid-19 on Halloween or the cancellation of trick-or-treating? In the U.S., there hasn't been a consensus. With cases still rising, some cities are warning that the difficulty of enforcing social distancing among sugar-crazed kids going door-to-door for candy could exacerbate community spread. Yet when Los Angeles County tried last week to prohibit trick-or-treating, it faced fierce backlash from parents and revised its guidance to say that going door-to-door was merely "not recommended." Other cities, meanwhile, have emphatically assured their residents that there will be no ban on the quintessential Halloween tradition.

It's been a tough call in large part because it isn't just children's physical health that's at stake. Health experts also fear the mental toll on families if yet another shared experience is canceled because of the pandemic. "There has been a lot of things that have gone away for children," Hansa Bhargava, a pediatrician and a mom, tells me. She adds that if families must celebrate the holiday, they should consider less risky alternatives. Today on CityLab: Candy or Covid? Some Places Are Canceling Halloween

-Linda Poon

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