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Today's Highlights
8 times royal outfits carried and conveyed a hidden message
From Queen’s Elizabeth’s iconic wedding dress to Princess Diana’s cleavage bags, besides making bold...
Google officially declares three-day weekend
Prior to the lockdown, ‘Work From Home’ was just a figure of speech, w...
Chinese vaccine: 4 countries ready for trials
China has ramped up its efforts in the global race of developing a vac...
Health News
Ananya dressed just like Disha Patani!
Bollywood's youngest star Ananya Panday is all set for her upcoming mo...
Celeb Style
COVID-19 reinfection: What about vaccines?
According to hospital officials, the woman had not developed protective antibodies against the disea...
How to stop kids from interrupting meetings
So, what do you do when your little one comes trotting, complaining ab...
Toddler year and beyond
Have kalonji these 3 ways to lose weight
From cumin to black pepper, star anise to asafoetida, there are endles...
Iconic imaginary places in literature
The aura of many imaginary places created in literature has become so ...

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