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Today's Highlights
Why wearing a mask is giving people sore throat
Masks should also be washed regularly to reduce the risk of exposure to germs and bacteria. Bacteria...
Scrambled vs boiled eggs: What's healthier?
No matter which recipe you try, the dish will always taste delicious ...
How many cheat meals can you have?
Cheating once in a week is the healthiest approach. That does not lead...
Weight Loss
Tamannaah Bhatia's yellow sari look is alluring
Tamannaah is always dressed to the nines, and we are currently crushin...
Celeb Style
Support your child's mental health as schools reopen
You will for sure prep your kid by equipping him with a mask and sanitiser, but here is a checklist...
The 5 zodiac signs that are introverts
Now that social distancing is a mandatory exercise to be followed by a...
Love & Sex
The guide to roasting garlic perfectly

Food News
Beauty tips every bride-to-be must follow
The one day every girl wants her skin and make-up to look flawless is ...

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