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Today's Highlights
Gillian Flynn on female antiheroes in fiction
"Gone Girl" author Gillian Flynn says there is a lack of female antiheroes in fiction and this is wh...
Shilpa Shetty's 6 HOT sari experiments
When it comes to Shilpa Shetty, she loves to experiment with her sari ...
Style Guide
"I lost 28 kilos in 100 days! Here's how I did it!"
Parth used the lockdown time to work on his body and in a span of just...
Weight Loss
8 weird pregnancy symptoms
If you too have recently conceived, then you must look out for the bel...
Women of these zodiac signs love dating bad boys
There’s something exceptionally tempting about things that are bad and evil. As much as we try and s...
The baby's gender is based on inheritance: Study
When a new member is about to arrive in the family, the first thing th...
What is overeating, its effects and how to overcome it

Food News
Anushka Sharma's stunning swimsuit picture
While we have loved all her maternity looks so far, we can't get over ...
Celeb Style

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