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Today's Highlights
How will the pandemic end? There seem to be two possibilities
While scientists and medical experts around the world have been working at breakneck speed to launch...
How you can enhance your work from home habits, according to your zodiac sign
From never-ending business meetings to continuous rounds of phone call...
3 tips for divorced parents to co-parent better, according to experts
Experts have long stressed that the absence of a healthy relationship ...
Can homemade masks prevent Covid-19 spread when we sneeze?
Masks made with common household fabrics help prevent the spread of vi...
Health News
5 instant ways to cure an insect bite
We've all dealt with insect bites and we want it to heal asap! Moreover, we don't want it to leave a...
Weekly Books News (Sept 14-20)
Watch the video containing this week's top books news!
Bollywood stars who made a case for white pantsuits
Be it runway trend or celebrity looks, pantsuits are ruling the world ...
Celeb Style
Barack Obama's memoir releasing in Nov
The first volume of former US President Barack Obama's memoir is comin...

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