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Today's Highlights
Bollywood stars who made a case for white pantsuits
Be it runway trend or celebrity looks, pantsuits are ruling the world of fashion. While black is a c...
Barack Obama's memoir releasing in Nov
The first volume of former US President Barack Obama's memoir is comin...
Jewellery pieces owned by famous royals
And, if you love jewellery, you would certainly love to read about som...
Lady Gaga talks about her battle with depression
Pop star Lady Gaga shared in an interview that how she was afraid of l...
Weight loss: "I lost 14 kgs in 2.5 months!”
When 30-year-old Rakhi Meniya realised that she was rapidly putting on a lot of weight after giving ...
Sun signs who seem tough but are sweet
There are times when we judge people on the basis of their appearance....
Love & Sex
Bollywood divas experimented with sari drapes
Bollywood divas never fail to impress us with their sari looks. From w...
Style Guide
Glasses can reduce the risk of contracting COVID
An observational study conducted in China suggests that people who wea...
Health News

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